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A new measure of competitive risk in aviation

Avinomics is the only company that can measure airline risk, a year into the future. We quantify how airlines assess risks and opportunities over the next 12 months by measuring planned changes to destinations, asset utilization, and so on. Based in Frankfurt, at the heart of Germany, aviation and finance, Avinomics is an essential partner for aviation finance, managing airline-related credit-card risks, and trading aviation securities.
Avinomics measures the steps each airline is taking over the next year to prepare for business risks or opportunities. Our method is unbiased and strictly quantitative; it does not rely on expert opinion, or interpretation of backward-looking financial data from past quarters. Avinomics can tailor what we measure to give you the penetrating views you need, and we can put these data into wider context to give you new perspectives.

Unique, unbiased and forward-looking

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Airline stock trading strategies
Airline stock trading strategies
Bespoke airline-industry workshops
Bespoke airline-industry workshops



Measuring risks makes risk transparent

Case study: Development of strategic positioning of three airlines