Decoding airline strategies

Avinomics is the only company that can measure how airlines are strategically positioned, a crucial indicator of each carrier’s potential to recover and its possible strategic trajectory after the aviation crisis. With air traffic likely to lag for many years, Avinomics provides much-needed industry transparency and guidance by measuring how hard each airline’s strategic position was hit – and what opportunities and risks it faces going forward as a consequence of this. Our method is forward-looking, unbiased, and quantitative. It does not rely on expert opinion or on interpreting backward-looking financial data.
Our forward-looking measurements show how a carrier is positioning itself strategically for future business. Avinomics quantifies how airlines assess risks and opportunities over the months ahead by measuring planned changes to destinations, asset utilization, and many other factors. Based in Frankfurt, at the heart of Germany, aviation and finance, Avinomics is an essential partner for airlines, aviation financiers, aircraft manufacturers, credit card companies, and other players keen to get a more detailed picture of the crisis. As far as we know, no comparable product exists worldwide.