A new measure of competitive risk in aviation

Avinomics is the only company that can measure the competitive positioning of airlines. Identifying an airline’s strategic position is the key to success and the ability to interpret early warning signs of failure. Our forward-looking measurements show how a carrier is positioned strategically, how the markets it serves are performing, and how strongly its planning for the next 12 months is signaling confidence or distress. Avinomics quantifies how airlines assess risks and opportunities in the year ahead by measuring planned changes to destinations, asset utilization, and many other factors.
Our method is unique, forward-looking, unbiased and strictly quantitative. It does not rely on expert opinion, or on interpreting backward-looking financial data. Based in Frankfurt, at the heart of Germany, aviation and finance, Avinomics is an essential partner for airlines, aviation financiers, aircraft manufacturers, credit card companies, and others. Airlines use our leading indicators to benchmark their performance against best practices, companies that do business with airlines use them to assess counterparty risk. As far as we know, there is no comparable product on the market worldwide.

Avinomics continually upgrades and enlarges its measures to better understand airlines’ strategic positioning, competitiveness, risks and opportunities. It always strives to provide its customers with the data and tools they need to take informed decisions about investments, production priorities, or ratings. We at Avinomics want to ensure a constant stream of innovation and thought leadership.

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