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State of the Industry: January 2019

10 Jan 2019

Avinomics calculates the NSI risk-index ranking of every airline worldwide every month. Each measure is unbiased and forward-looking because it analyzes flight schedules and other data sources airlines publish a year in advance. This is how NSI has developed since 2003 for all airlines, and for small, medium-sized, and large carriers. Downward trends show growing negative network stress – or tough times – in the year ahead; upward trends show growing positive stress, or business opportunities.

Development of industry average NSI
(capacity weighted average, indexed, Jan 2003=100)

Case Study: Development of strategic positioning of three airlines

20 May 2018
Case Study Ryanair

The chart shows the monthly strategic positioning of low-cost carrier Ryanair, from 2003 to today. The size of each monthly circle depicts the carrier’s capacity at that point in time. Their progression shows the speed and focus with which the airline became ever bigger and ever more efficient.
Case Study Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ strict focus on developing its connectivity-driven hub strategy can be seen in this chart. The carrier’s efficiency suffered in 2014, when Doha’s new airport was opened, and in 2017, as a result of the blockade by other Gulf States. But connectivity, its key strategic focus, did not suffer.
Case Study airberlin

The strategic demise of Airberlin is illuminated by this chart. The carrier started with a strong competitive position as a lowcost carrier, but diluted its strategic focus. At the same time, it started expanding capacity by investing heavily in new aircraft. The outcome of this mix was default.